Rug Grips

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Slipstop Rug Grips, crafted with precision in Germany, offers a reliable solution to the persistent frustration of shifting rugs. Quality is assured, as Slipstop effectively puts an end to the vexing problems of rug curling and bunching on all surfaces, including carpet, timber, laminate, vinyl, concrete, cork, and tile floors. Designed to enhance both convenience and safety, this rug grip boasts a myriad of benefits.

Not only does Slipstop prevent slips and the troublesome movement of rugs, mats, and runners, but it also contributes to increased home safety by providing a stable, secure foundation underfoot. Vacuuming becomes a breeze as the rug stays firmly in place, allowing for efficient cleaning. The rug grips goes beyond convenience, safeguarding your floors from potential damage caused by friction, ensuring longevity for both rug and flooring.

Maintenance is a cinch with Slipstop; it’s hand washable and incorporates an anti-mould feature to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. User-friendly and versatile, simply cut with regular scissors to match the size and shape of your rug or runner. Enjoy increased stepping comfort and peace of mind, knowing that Slipstop leaves no residue on your surfaces. Compatible with underfloor heating systems and devoid of plasticizers and toxins, Slipstop is a holistic solution for a secure, comfortable, and environmentally conscious rug placement experience. Transform your living space with Slipstop’s commitment to quality, convenience, and safety.

Available in Prepack and cut to length.