Warranty & T & C’S
We offer 1 to 5 years manufacturer warranty against any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase on all Rugs unless mentioned on certain type of rugs or some clearance or Seconds clearance rugs may be excluded.
In case of all shaggy rugs, manufacturing defects are covered for 5 years except the Fraying/Shedding warranty applies for only 3 months. As in most cases, if a shaggy rug does not fray within 4 weeks of purchase, it should not fray unless the rug is misused or cleaned using the inappropriate method.
Before dispatching your order, we carefully inspect each product. If you find a fault in your product, contact us immediately via email or call us to discuss your concerns with our friendly team at 09 2998630
Simply return the rug with your valid Rugs & More receipt for further examination. If goods are faulty, we will offer you to repair, exchange with *similar product or a store credit that is deemed to be ‘faulty’ by Rugs & More. You must present a valid Rugs & More receipt or online order number in case of website order to claim any warranties. Please also read our Return Policy.

Warranty does not apply to altered rugs, cut to order runners, outdoor rugs, internal or external doormats or bath mats. The 5 years manufacturer warranty applies to products which are used for domestic purposes, has had reasonable use and has been reasonably maintained, rotated and vacuumed regularly as per our Care Instructions https://rugsandmore.co.nz/care-instructions/. We cannot offer exchange or refund in case of damage caused by mishandling. ‘Faulty’ relates to faulty manufacturing which is determined by Rugs & More expert’s team. Replace means with equivalent value rug (not equivalent price) in our opinion. Replace does not equate to a refund.
Rugs & More reserves the right to repair a rug at its discretion.

Faulty does not apply to:

* Indoor items kept or used outdoor, in a humid or high moisture environment
* Products kept in a dark area or exposed to moths
* Products exposed to sunlight for long periods and partial or full fading has occurred
* Products that have been incorrectly cleaned or washed
* Products which are used in a commercial or high traffic area in a household environment
* The sliding, moving, curling or folding of the rug is not a fault. This can happen due to friction caused by walking, or due to an object or furniture placed over the rug. We must understand that the rugs are only placed on top of the flooring or carpet and are not pasted or stitched to the floor. If you are really concerned about slipping, curling, folding or moving of the rug then please buy the Rug underlay Slipstop which we recommend to our every customer at the time of purchase & the rug underlay also improves the life of your rug & friction caused problems.
* Clearance items or 2nds Clearance
* Cut length hall runners (i.e. made to measure) and other altered items at customers request
* Normal wear and tear, intentional or accidental damage, stain marks, flattening of the pile and watermarking
* Staining, flattening of the piles, reasonable fluffing or pilling
* Warranty does not apply to rugs damaged by incorrect cleaning or cleaned with incorrect or inappropriate cleaners. We do not recommend to use the powerhead vacuum with rotating brushes when vacuuming.
* The warranty applies for three months only for fraying of shaggy rugs. In most cases, if a shaggy rug does not fray within 4 weeks of purchase, it should not fray unless the rug is misused or cleaned using an inappropriate method.
* Be aware that some heavy furniture can mark and flatten the pile in rugs, causing irreversible damage. Some heavy or sharp edged furniture pieces, or constant moving of furniture, can pull the rug out of shape so it appears less square.
* Shading may occur due to changes in pile and weave direction. Areas of the rug may appear to have changed colour where the pile is facing a different direction. This is a natural effect in the rug and cannot be prevented and is not a fault in the rug.
* Pilling can occur due to traffic, moving of furniture, vacuuming or other mechanical agitation. This can be carefully trimmed with scissors and is not a fault in the rug.
* Occasionally loose yarn ends will rise above the pile surface. This is a characteristic of the type of weave, and all hand tufted rugs, not a manufacturing fault. The loose yarns can be carefully trimmed or pushed through and is not a fault in the rug.

Rugs & More cannot guarantee the availability of the exact same rug at the time of a warranty claim. Rugs & More will replace the product with another product of equivalent value at the time of replacement. *Similar Product means similar fiber, color or combination of colors in case of patterned designer rugs as the pattern may vary. Similar does not mean identical.

Manufacturing faults are determined at the sole discretion of the Rugs & More team of experts and Rugs & More reserves the right to repair the goods at its discretion. The freight costs associated to and from for assessment are the customer’s responsibility.

Some facts you must know about rugs, which are not faults:
Shaggy Rugs-
In case of shaggy rugs, reasonable shedding or fraying of piles will take place initially due to dead piles or some loose piles on the surface while manufacturing. So minor shedding or fraying of this nature will settle down within 2-4 weeks of purchase. If the extensive shedding is noticed within this period of 4-6 weeks of purchase, for example, the fraying of piles is the handful, please bring the shaggy rug back immediately for expert assessment to judge the reasonableness of shedding.

Shaggy & all other type of Rugs-
Pilling Pilling can occur due to traffic, moving of furniture, vacuuming or other mechanical agitation. This can be carefully trimmed with scissors.
Sprouting Occasionally loose yarn ends will rise above the pile surface. This is a characteristic of the type of weave, not a manufacturing fault. The loose yarns can be carefully trimmed or pushed through.

Handknotted and Handwoven Wool Rugs
Wool is a resilient fiber designed by nature to withstand dirt and abrasion. As long as it’s subjected to semi-regular cleaning, it should never be too much of a hassle to maintain.
White Knots in Wool Rugs
Your wool rug may have some tiny white dots may begin to emerge, scattered amongst the carpet’s richly colored wool fibers. Many rug owners panic upon noticing these dots, fearing disintegration or dye migration. But truth be told, these minuscule white knots are a natural part of the rug weaving process that tends to reveal itself slowly with wear, washing, and age.
The foundation of a woven wool rug is typically composed of vertical and horizontal strands of cotton yarn, respectively referred to as warps and wefts. As this foundation is being established on the loom, the cotton yarn frequently runs out and must be tied to another section of string, leaving behind a small knot. Other times, warps and wefts may break during weaving and must be re-tied to continue the process.
Most of these structural knots are eventually hidden amongst the longer wool pile. If this isn’t possible, weavers may touch-up white knots with dye or ink to provide a bit of camouflage.
Whether through the gradual shortening of the wool pile, or thanks to a thorough professional cleaning, these white knots become more noticeable over time, like stars slowly but steadily punctuating a dusky sky.
The easiest solution is just to accept the knots as a natural part of the aging process. Consider them the hallmarks of a handmade piece of textile art. If possible, the knots can be pushed through to the backside of the rug where they remain out of sight. If not, a little touch-up with dye or ink of a similar color can help mask the white knots temporarily and must be done by a professional at cost.

Colored woven threads/patches across rug
The most usual and popular wool rugs are made in Turkey, Iran (Persia), Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and China. Rugs can be supplied in a variety of colours including Red, Beige, Black, Blue, Navy, Cream, Grey, Silver, Green, Pink and Teal. These rugs are dyed using natural vegetable dyes and do not hold color as fast as synthetic rugs. The flaws in dark colored rugs are not noticeable but in light color rugs, the knots & threads of other color can be noticed and is not a fault in rug, in fact are a natural part of the rug weaving process.
The wool yarn is dyed in large batches and when placed to dry in open and next to each other. In most cases, light colors can get dark color patches on some threads and are woven while weaving a rug. The weavers may touch-up colored wafts or knots with dye or ink to provide a bit of camouflage but in some cases it wears off. Some colored threads woven as patches in rug are not a fault but a feature of hand knotted & woven rugs.
If any of these features are bothering you too much then hand knotted rugs may not be for you. It’s all about accepting these as a natural part of the rug and it’s aging process. Consider them the hallmarks of a handmade piece of textile art.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about common issues with wool rugs cleaning. Wool is a powerful natural fiber, and most problems can be resolved simply without further damaging the rug.

Custom rugs and runners are not eligible for return or replacement.
Once a custom rug or runner is ordered, it is made to your specifications and cannot be returned or replaced.
The reason for this policy is that custom rugs and runners have been cut and altered as per customer request and cannot be resold. We understand that this policy may be inconvenient, but it is necessary to ensure that we can continue to offer high-quality custom rugs and runners at a reasonable price.
If you are not happy with your custom rug or runner, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery to discuss your options. We may be able to offer you a discount on a future order, but we cannot offer a refund or replacement.

Warranty Terms & Conditions
We will replace any rug if deemed faulty where it has had reasonable use and has been reasonably maintained, rotated and vacuumed regularly as per our Care guidelines. We cannot offer exchange or refund in case of damage caused by mishandling of the rug.
The digital images we display have the most accurate color possible. However, due to differences in computer monitors, we cannot be responsible for variations in color between the actual product and your screen. So we do not do the refund on the basis of color difference as seen on your computer screen.
‘Faulty’ relates to faulty manufacturing which is determined by Rugs & More expert’s team.
Faulty does not apply to staining, flattening of the piles, shading or watermarking, reasonable fluffing or pilling, damage to over-locking, fading, rugs exposed to direct sunlight, rugs used in the commercial or extremely high traffic area.
Replace means with equivalent value rug (not equivalent price) in our opinion. Replace does not equate to a refund.
Rugs & More reserves the right to repair a rug at its discretion.
Warranty does not apply to cushions, internal or external doormats or bath mats.
Warranty does not apply to rugs damaged by incorrect cleaning or cleaned with incorrect or inappropriate cleaners.
Warranty does not apply for fraying of shaggy rugs after one month of purchase.

In-store Purchases Refund Policy (does not apply to online buying)
Please choose carefully as we do not refund if you change your mind. If the goods are faulty we will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Layby Policy
The minimum deposit required on a layby is 25% of the total Purchase, or $30, whichever is greater. Clearance Sale items cannot be placed on layby.
Layby should not exceed a 12 weeks period. Failure to complete payments in the specified time makes the goods and the deposit liable for forfeiture. A layby can be canceled by the purchaser within the 4 week period however 25% of the total purchase amount deposit is payable as a cancellation fee. Layby parcels cannot be broken or transferred without the 25% deposit being paid as a cancellation fee. Layby items cannot be exchanged or refunded after the layby has been finalized and collected.

We do not ship to any locations outside New Zealand. Certain remote areas our couriers may not be able to deliver, we will inform you as soon as possible.
Once you place the order, an automatic order confirmation email is sent to confirm your order. This email does not guarantee that the product you have ordered is available.

If your item is out of stock we will keep in touch to provide you with other options or refund your money.

All prices are in New Zealand currency and are GST inclusive. Prices may change without prior notice.

*Similar Product means similar fiber, similar color or combination of colors in case of patterned designer rugs as the pattern may vary. Similar does not mean identical.

Damaged Item Notification Policy:
At Rugs and More, we strive to provide our customers with the best shopping experience, whether you make your purchase online or in-store. We understand that occasionally, items may arrive in a damaged condition, and we are committed to addressing such situations promptly and fairly. To ensure a smooth resolution process, we have implemented the following damaged item notification policy:
Notification Period:
If you receive a damaged item, it is crucial to notify us within 24 hours of the item’s delivery or collection from our store. We have established this time frame to enable us to investigate and address the issue effectively.
Contacting Us:
To report a damaged item, please contact our customer support team via email at info@rugsandmore.co.nz When reaching out, kindly include the following information:
Your order number.
A detailed description of the damage, specifying the nature and extent.
Attach clear photos or videos showcasing the damage. High-quality visual evidence helps us assess the situation accurately.
Timely Notification:
We highly recommend that you inspect your purchase immediately upon receipt or collection to identify any potential damage. If you come across any issues, please do not delay your notification.
Resolution Process:
Once we receive your damaged item notification, our dedicated team will promptly review the provided information and assess the damage. If the damage is verified, we will work closely with you to find the most suitable resolution, which may include a refund or replacement.
Our Commitment:
We are committed to resolving damaged item issues as quickly as possible and ensuring customer satisfaction. Rest assured that we will do our utmost to address your concerns in a fair and efficient manner.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this damaged item notification policy. By doing so, you enable us to maintain the quality of our products and the trust of our valued customers.

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